Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance

The Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA) brings together five leading non-government health organisations in the primary prevention of chronic disease in Australia.


Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Kidney Health Australia, and the Stroke Foundation work together to collectively advocate for prevention, integrated risk assessment and effective management of chronic disease risk.

This includes:

  • improving nutrition

  • increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour

  • reducing unhealthy weight at a population level

  • increasing health checks.

Chronic diseases are Australia’s greatest health challenge, and leading cause of illness, disability and death. However, much burden could be prevented through addressing modifiable risk factors and providing support to manage disease risk.

23 Feb 2020

We support the new guidelines to reduce harm from alcohol consumption and we recommend investment in communication to increase community awareness of guideline recommendations.

01 Feb 2020

ACDPA advocates for improvements to food labelling to enable informed choices by consumers and ultimately reduce the impact of unhealthy diets on overweight/obesity and the development of chronic disease.

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