Updating the absolute CVD risk guidelines

The Guidelines for the management of absolute cardiovascular disease risk, published in 2012, support health professionals in predicting risk of cardiovascular disease and preventing “first ever” cardiovascular disease events, using an absolute risk approach.


The guidelines require updating to reflect the latest evidence in the prediction and management of cardiovascular disease, using tools validated to the Australian context.

The guidelines update is being led by the Heart Foundation, on behalf of the Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, and is an opportunity to ensure health professionals have up-to-date guidelines to better detect cardiovascular disease risk and help patients to manage identified modifiable risk factors of the condition.

Revision of these guidelines is currently underway and will incorporate the latest evidence and approaches in cardiovascular disease risk evaluation and management. Subject matter expertise is being provided by key health professionals from Australia and overseas, covering areas of:

  • Preventative cardiology and vascular disease

  • Diabetes

  • Nephrology

  • Lipids

  • Hypertension

  • Stroke specialists, including neurology

  • Epidemiology

  • Biostatisticians and/or big data experts

  • Cardiac imaging, including non-coronary cardiac imaging

  • Indigenous Health

  • Behavioural health science

  • Women’s CVD health

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Mental health

  • Exercise physiology

  • Precision medicine, including genomics

  • Implementation science

  • Public health including smoking cessation and weight management

Key health professionals group representation from:

  • General Practice

  • Nursing

  • Specialist physicians

  • Pharmacy

  • Other Allied health

In addition, a dedicated consumer panel is providing the consumer perspective.


Key dates

Public consultation – August-September 2022

Guideline Launch & Publication – Mar-May 2023

Current resources

In the meantime there are resources available on our member websites:

Heart Foundation (including the Heart Health Check Toolkit for primary care)

Stroke Foundation

Kidney Health Australia

Diabetes Australia

Find out more about absolute cardiovascular disease risk and why it is important to assess risk factors together.

Note - the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance and its work has been incorporated into the Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA). All activities are being continued under ACDPA.

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