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31 May 2023 by Lucy Westerman

WHO updates relevant to chronic disease prevention in Australia

The latest WHO World Health Statistics report and the 76th World Health Assembly had some important developments for health and chronic disease prevention in Australia. See our article in Croakey.


31 March 2021 by Emma Lonsdale

Step by step - getting back on track with chronic disease

Doomscrolling, panic buying, social distancing, lockdown.  

2020 brought us more than a pandemic, it created new words to describe how we think, live, and interact with each other. Read more


16 September 2020 by Emma Lonsdale

After years of waiting for action on chronic disease prevention, COVID-19 provides an opportunity

Our experience with COVID-19 makes a strong case for prevention and early detection. What can we learn for chronic disease prevention?

Read opinion piece in Croakey Health Media.

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30 September 2019 by Sharon McGowan & Emma Lonsdale

#HealthForAll as world leaders adopt historic pledge on universal coverage

As global leaders gathered in New York for the United Nations Leaders Week, universal health coverage was a key topic amongst leaders, with a high-level meeting to drive action towards affordable, quality healthcare for all. Read in Croakey  Health Media.

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23 March 2023 by Lucy Westerman

Invest in preventing chronic disease for resilient health systems

Health systems can be stronger and people can enjoy better health for longer by preventing chronic diseases from starting and progressing. Our blog for the NCD Alliance's #ActOnNCDs campaign.

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18 December 2020 by Emma Lonsdale

Australia - the healthy country?

A decade ago, the Australian Government released a roadmap for prevention. At the end of 2020, it is worth asking “how healthy are we?” 

Read opinion piece in Partyline by the National Rural Health Alliance.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

17 May 2020 by Sharon McGowan

Prevention - turning hindsight into foresight

Prevention is often overlooked and undervalued. But COVID-19 has brought prevention squarely back into the spotlight. 

Read opinion piece in Health Voices by Consumers Health Forum.

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5 September 2019 by Emma Lonsdale

Our Health. Our Right. Right Now.

During the Global Week for Action on NCDs (non-communicable diseases/chronic diseases), people around the world are united in their call for action: Enough. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now. Read more.

Image by Jessica Ruscello

7 September 2022 by Chris Forbes, Justine Cain & Emma Lonsdale

National action plans deserve action

Many National action plans and strategies have been developed over the past few years, but they urgently need government commitment to action and investment to drive change. See our article in Croakey.

Image by CDC

19 November 2020 by Emma Lonsdale

Learning from the lived experience of chronic disease during COVID-19

The views, voices and experiences of people with lived experience of disease should be at the heart of health system reform after COVID-19. Read opinion piece in Health Voices by Consumers Health Forum.


6 April 2020 by Sharon McGowan

World Health Day 2020 - Thank you!

Now, more than ever, we are watching our health system and waiting to see how it will cope in the coming days, weeks and months.


At the heart of the COVID-19 crisis are the people. The patients, nurses, doctors and other health workers who are testing, treating and caring for us during this time. Read more.

Image by Alyssia Wilson

16 October 2018 by Sanchia Aranda & Emma Lonsdale

What will it take to step up global action on chronic diseases?

In 2018, world leaders came together to discuss NCDs (chronic disease) during the UN General Assembly in New York. While chronic diseases account for 71% of premature deaths worldwide, these leading preventable causes of death worldwide haven’t quite made it to the top of the geopolitical priority list. Read in Croakey Health Media.

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