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Risk assessment

The Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA) incorporates the work of the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance (NVDPA) to promote risk assessment and early detection of cardiovascular disease, through health checks and management of risk factors.

Much of this work to date has been to promote the use of an ‘absolute risk’ approach to predicting risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Together, members developed and released the Guidelines for the management of absolute cardiovascular disease risk (2012), building on the 2009 Guidelines for the management of absolute cardiovascular disease risk.

The guidelines provide recommendations for the management of cardiovascular disease risk in the primary prevention setting and incorporate guidance on assessing cardiovascular disease risk in all adults over 45 years of age and 35 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A quick reference guide for health professionals and consumer resource (Manage your risk) have also been developed.


The absolute risk calculator is a supporting tool to the guidelines. Contact Heart Foundation for further information related to the calculator. 


Find out about absolute risk.

Note - the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance and its work has been incorporated into the Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA). All activities are being continued under ACDPA.

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