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31 March 2021 by Emma Lonsdale

Step by step - getting back on track with chronic disease

Doomscrolling, panic buying, social distancing, lockdown.  

2020 brought us more than a pandemic, it created new words to describe how we think, live, and interact with each other. Read more

6 April 2020 by Sharon McGowan

World Health Day 2020 - Thank you!

Now, more than ever, we are watching our health system and waiting to see how it will cope in the coming days, weeks and months.


At the heart of the COVID-19 crisis are the people. The patients, nurses, doctors and other health workers who are testing, treating and caring for us during this time. Read more.

5 September 2019 by Emma Lonsdale

Enough. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now.

During the Global Week for Action on NCDs (non-communicable diseases/chronic diseases), people around the world are united in their call for action: Enough. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now. Read more.