The Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (ACDPA) brings together five leading health organisations to prevent chronic disease in Australia.


Cancer Council Australia, Diabetes Australia, Heart Foundation, Kidney Health Australia, and the Stroke Foundation work together to promote chronic disease prevention, integrated risk assessment and effective management of chronic disease risk. This includes:


  • Supporting the health system shift towards prevention

  • Creating supportive food and physical environments

  • Increasing risk assessment, early detection, and management of risk.

Chronic diseases are Australia’s greatest health challenge, and leading cause of illness, disability and death. However, much burden could be prevented by addressing modifiable risk factors and providing support to manage disease risk.


ACDPA focuses on risk factors where there has been limited progress, such as overweight & obesity, unhealthy eating and physical inactivity. We have a supporting role for other major risk factors, such as tobacco, alcohol, high blood pressure, and mental ill health.

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Looking for tips to improve your health and reduce risk factors?

More than one-third of chronic disease burden could be prevented by changing habits and creating healthier environments.

We have compiled some tips and tools to boost health and save money.

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8 Aug 2022

Food regulation system must prioritise public health

Our response to the Food Regulation system's recent consultation outlines the need to prioritise public health and actions to counter the impact of unhealthy diets on overweight and obesity and chronic diseases. See our submissions.

4 July 2022

Long-term health conditions included in Census 2021

Last week's ABS Census 2021 data included long-term health conditions for the first time.

Over 8 million Australians reported living with an ongoing condition and older Australians were more likely to have multiple conditions.

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7 July 2022

New AIHW report Australia's Health 2022 

A new AIHW report shows that chronic diseases have a major impact on our health in the wake of COVID-19. 

In our response, we call for the Government to invest in the National Prevention Strategy for our future health. Read here.

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21 June 2022

Invest in prevention to improve health & save lives 

Nearly 40% of chronic disease burden could be prevented by addressing modifiable risk factors. ACDPA's new position statement recommends that governments invest in prevention for health and economic benefits. 

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7 July 2022

Tips to improve health and reduce risk factors

Did you know that 40% of chronic disease could be prevented by reducing risk factors?

We've compiled some tips and tools to improve your health and reduce your risk of chronic disease. 

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7 March 2022

New Obesity Strategy

The 10-year National Obesity Strategy was released last week on World Obesity Day.

Obesity is a leading risk factor for chronic conditions, and changes to our food & physical environments are crucial.

Read more here.​

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